How Often Do You Wish You Had a Calendar Right In Front Of You?

strip calendar

strip calendar

How many times have you had to go hunting to find a calendar to see a few months into the future? How often did you wish you had a calendar right in front of you? I have been in your place more often than I can count, that is, until I came across this simple solution. I saw a picture of a small calendar strip attached to a monitor or above the keyboard on the laptop.

My next question was: “where can I get one?” I had no idea. So I created one myself. For the last few years I have now been making these “strip calendars” in various size and directions. I started with the big 1 inch tall horizontal and 1 inch wide vertical strips to put on monitors, then I added ½ inch tall ones for laptops. I am offering them as a free download every year and the feedback has been great. Then last year I started selling printed versions.

What are you waiting for, go download the FREE PDF file and print a sheet full of strip calendars. If you end up with too many, share them with your friends, family or co-workers.

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