Coaching Special September

Stop Wishing - Take Action coaching special

With fall approaching and summer behind us, do you want to make changes and finally accomplish your goals?

No matter how hard you wish that it will happen, unless you take action it will only remain a dream.

So how do you get the ball rolling? The answer is to do something, anything and take that first step.

I am happy to assist you finding the path for your first step, so that you will end up where you want to go.

I invite you to take advantage of this month’s coaching special.

Take advantage of September’s coaching special of only $150 (40% discount) for 3 weekly 50 minute coaching sessions

Life happens and we all get sidetracked and just don’t seem to find our groove again. When you think you have a plan, but that plan is just now working for you, it is time to get back to the drawing board.

Getting unbiased advice speeds up the whole process and puts the spring back in your step.

That’s were coaching comes to the rescue. All the top athletes work with coaches who hold them accountable and encourage them when the going gets tough.

Do you need a coach to keep you accountable and prevents you from staying stuck?

Give working with a coach a try and

Take advantage of September’s coaching special of only
$150 (40% discount) for 3 weekly 50 minute coaching sessions

In October the price will go back up to $250.00


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